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Dear Friends! Due to the last events with Russia and Ukraine, we had to stop selling for an unpredicted time.

Sorry for that! Hope to see you again when all is all right.

All orders received earlier will be delivered or refunded depending on your country.


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The Beauty Of Dubrovnik In Croatia Captured On An Acrylic Fridge Magnet The beautiful scenery of Dubrovnik In Croatia is pictured on this attractive fridge magnet from the catalogues of World Wide Gifts. Dubrovnik is one of the major tourist destinations in the Mediterranean with its beaches and me..
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A Pleasant Place to Visit This souvenir from Croatia highlights the unique city planning of Rab. The depth of field utilized is simply magnificent as it efficiently places the sea and the city in an organic relationship. It is clear that the sea has a key role in the landscape and in the residents`l..
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The Mediterranean Rab Island of Croatia If you want a Caribbean experience with a touch of Roman flavor then Rab Island of Croatia is the ideal place to visit. Rich in cultural heritage and exquisite historical monuments from the Roman era, Rab Island is one of the islands of the Kvarner Bay archipe..
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