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Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Catalonia. Burro

Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Catalonia. Burro
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Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Catalonia. Burro
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This Former Pack Animal is Now a Controversial Symbol of Catalan

The Catalan burro shown on a collectible Worldwide Gifts refrigerator magnet is a great souvenir from the Catalunya region of Spain. In an ancient tradition of Catalans distinguishing themselves as separate from (and better than) the rest of Spain, the Catalan donkey has been chosen to represent this region as its symbolic animal instead of the bull that the country of Spain has taken as a national symbol. The bull is supposed to stand for power, strength and bravery, while the donkey stands for hard work and perseverance.

A bumper stickers war has been started in Spain, with some cars sporting the Spanish bull, and Catelan cars wearing their donkey bumper stickers. Some cars, whether as a stance of neutrality or perhaps just contrariness, have both bumper stickers on their cars. There's even a somewhat off-color bumper sticker that shows a donkey in a compromising position with a bull.

Buy Your Bumper Stickers and then See the Sites in Catelonia

There is so much to see and do in the Catelan district of Spain, from sunbathing on the beaches, to dancing at the festivals, to historical and cultural tours of castles, fortresses and other historical sites. There are many beautiful parks, lakes and nature reserves in the district, and tons of great shopping and fantastic restaurants.

Barcelona is known for its music festivals and flamenco shows, such as the Sonar Music Festival that takes place in May. There are also many World Heritage Sites in this area, such as the Sagrada Familia, an amazing cathedral in Barcelona that has been under construction for more than 130 years. There are also great ski resorts in the mountains of Catelonia, such as La Molina, Lles, and the Vall de Nuria.

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