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Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Jamon

Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Jamon
Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Jamon
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Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Jamon
Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Jamon
Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Jamon
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A Tasty and Delicious Treat from Spain is Memorialized on Collectible Magnet

Jamon is a gourmet delicacy that is greatly prized in Spain and a regular feature on the menu in most Spanish households. This eclectic Worldwide fridge magnet is a cute souvenir from Spain and something interesting to include in your collection. Jamon is a cured ham that is a staple of the Spanish diet and included in a wide variety of favorite dishes. If you've ever had the opportunity to travel in Spain, then you may have had a chance to taste one of these gourmet concoctions for yourself.

One spectacular recipe involves wrapping prawns with Serrano ham for a result that is mouthwatering and decadent. Jamon, queso y chorizo, ham, cheese and chorizo sausage on bread is a traditional lunch time fare in Spain, a quick and easy tapa. Green beans with ham and peppers makes a delightful dinner, and you haven't lived until you've eaten mushrooms stuffed with ham and parsley.

Different Types of Ham and Its Importance in Spanish Culture

Ham has been a significant resource for centuries, a food that was dried and salt-cured and could be preserved indefinitely. The people of Spain have eaten pork and ham since Roman times, except for an era of Moorish dominance when pork was prohibited by the Muslim religion. There are two basic types of jamon, ham that has been cured in the mountains or on the southwestern Iberian Peninsula. Jamon Serrano is mountain ham, and jamon iberico is Iberian ham.

Jamon is a food so prized by the Spaniards that the Department of Agriculture has created Denominations of Origin and established rigorous standards of quality control. There are even several Museos de Jamon -ham museums -throughout the country.

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