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Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Barcelona Symbols

Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Barcelona Symbols
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Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Barcelona Symbols
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Spanish Souvenir: Resin Fridge Magnet Displaying Barcelona Symbols

Barcelona, the second biggest and one of the most exciting cities of Spain is famous for several of its attractions. It is a fascinating city that never stops to attract and excite its visitors. When you are in Barcelona, you should certainly pay a visit to some of its highlights that are also at times referred to as the 'symbols of Barcelona'. These are: Torre Agbar, Sagrada Familia, Le Pedrera and a huge statue of a lizard in Guelle Park. You should also get an appropriate souvenir of these attractions; one apt keepsake is the resin fridge magnet exhibited above that displays all of these four symbols of Barcelona.

Torre Agbar and Sagrada Familia

The colorful cylindrical building with a dome shaped top shown in the fridge magnet above is a miniature of the Torre Agbar in Barcelona. It is a 142m tall tower that consists of several offices. It is one of the famous landmarks of the city because of its intriguing architecture; a fascinating feature of this tower is that it glows in various colors depending on the intensity and kind of light that falls on it; and it is illuminated at night too. The building on the magnet with four pointed towers is a miniature of the 'Sagrada Familia' in Barcelona which is a church that was built by renowned architect, Antonio Gaudi.

Le Pedrera and Lizard in Guelle Park

The silver building on the extreme left of the fridge magnet is a depiction of the Le Pedrera in Barcelona. It is commonly known as 'Casa Mila' and is one of the landmarks of the city. It has an interesting facade that looks like a huge wave; it was designed by Antonio Gadi and was constructed from 1906 till 1912. And the green lizard shown on the magnet is a miniature of the popular lizard statue set up in the Guelle Park in Barcelona. It is also known as 'El Drac', which means 'the dragon' and is an attention-grabbing creation of Gaudi and Joseph Maria Jujo.

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