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Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Flamenquita

Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Flamenquita
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Resin Fridge Magnet: Spain. Flamenquita
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Cute Image of Flamenco Dancing Girl on a Collectible Refrigerator Magnet

The iconic image of Flamenquita is one that truly represents the passionate nature and love for dance held by all Spaniards, creating a fantastic souvenir from Spain. Flamenquita refers to the young girls who dance, to the passionate music of the flamenco, and to a nursery tale about a young girl who has no rhythm but who learns to dance the flamenco. The children's tale of Flamenquita is a popular story in Spain, and a cute, cartoonish image of the young flamenco girl appears on many types of souvenirs, tee shirts, fridge magnets, post cards and such. It is an inspiring tale for young people that teaches them the value of continuing to try when it seems that failure is the only result, only to eventually find their success. You may be able to find a musical showing of this nursery tale when visiting major cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, as it is a popular play in Children's Theater.

Flamenco Performances, Learning to Dance and the Music of the Flamenco

This passionate and sultry dance has long been a popular style of dance in Spain, especially in the southern regions. It is performed with intricately played guitar music, and visitors to the country often make a point of attending a professional flamenco performance in one of the country's many dinner theater venues or night clubs. The female flamenco dancers wear flowers in their hair and are dressed in ornate ruffled dresses such as the one shown here on the collectible fridge magnet. The dance is emotional with extremely demonstrative movements that tell a story of romance and intrigue.

Flamenco lessons are offered in many of the dance clubs in Spain, and if you are in attendance during one of the many music festivals in Spain you may have the opportunity to dance the flamenco in the streets.

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