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Souvenir Plate: Spain. Costa Brava (Diameter 17 cm)

Souvenir Plate: Spain. Costa Brava (Diameter 17 cm)
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Souvenir Plate: Spain. Costa Brava (Diameter 17 cm)
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  • Las dimensiones: 20.00mm x 170.00mm x 170.00mm
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A Pretty Keepsake of Your Sunny Mediterranean Holiday

This very colorful souvenir plate from Spain is a pretty representation of an extremely popular seaside resort area on Spain's "Wild Coast", Costa Brava. This an area on the northeast coast of Spain that includes the shoreline from Blanes to the border of France. It is a wonderful holiday destination for many international visitors, especially from the UK and France, who come here to enjoy the spectacular natural scenery, protected coves, glorious beaches and the marvelous weather.

Costa Brava means "wild coast," or "rugged coast," and the nickname for this region refers to the rocky, mountainous landscape that creates such breathtaking vistas. In between various rocky promontories of land are protected bays and inlets with golden sand beaches where very popular seaside resorts welcome the throngs of vacationers. Blanes, Tossa de Mar and Lloret de Mar are three of the most popular resort cities in the Costa Brava region.

Attractions and Activities to Enjoy in Costa Brava

The main attraction of the Costa Brava is of course its amazing beaches. Europeans and others who come to the beautiful rugged Mediterranean shores enjoy the tranquil waters of beautiful beaches in protected bays all up and down the coastline, including la Fosca Beach near Palamos, which has been called one of the world's best beaches, Fenals Beach at Lloret de Mar, stony Platja Gran Beach at Tossa de Mar, and San Pol Beach at S'Agaro.

There are many beautiful sights to see in this area, both natural and historical landmarks. Hiking, swimming and picnicking in the Natural Park at Cap de Creus is one of the most popular activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Historical tours take you to many ancient villages where you can see castles, towers and museums, such as the Old Town in Tossa de Mar, and the Parish Church of Sant Roma in Lloret de Mar. Some of the world's most beautiful botanical gardens are also tucked away throughout the Costa Brava, including the Santa Clotilde Gardens, and the Marimurtra Botanical Gardens.

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