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Metal Fridge Magnet: France. Nice (Bronze Color)

Metal Fridge Magnet: France. Nice (Bronze Color)
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Metal Fridge Magnet: France. Nice (Bronze Color)
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French Souvenir: Nice Displayed on Metal Fridge Magnet

Nice is a gorgeous city of France; it is also the fifth most populated city of the country. You will certainly come across numerous souvenirs of this beautiful city; and it will become perplexing for you to pick a few from so many; nonetheless, you won't be able to resist this lovely metal fridge magnet. It shows a view of the city along the French Riviera and has the words 'Nice- Cote d'Azur' inscribed on it. Cote d'Azur refers to the Mediterranean coastline that lies in the southeast end of France. This magnet is in antique bronze color that gives it a unique and vintage look; it will undoubtedly look graceful on your fridge.

Information on Nice

The city is situated on the southeastern coast of France and lies in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second biggest French city located on the Mediterranean Sea; the first biggest is Marseille. Nice is also commonly known as Nice la Belle and Nissa La Bella in Nicard; it means 'Nice the Beautiful'. The informal anthem of the city that was written by Menica Rondelly during 1912 is also titled 'Nice the Beautiful.' Nice serves as the capital of the Alpes Maritime section and is the second largest city of the Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur.

More Info about the City

During 350 BC, the Greeks living in Marseille established settlements in Nice and began calling the city 'Nikaia' after the deity of success, 'Nike.' The city was ruled by different tribes and people. For many years, it served as a territory of Savoy; and later became a part of France in 1792. In 1815, the city was given back to Piedmont-Sardinia but was annexed by France again during 1860.

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