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Metal Fridge Magnet: Spain. Valencia. Torres de Serranos (Brass Color)

Metal Fridge Magnet: Spain. Valencia. Torres de Serranos (Brass Color)
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Metal Fridge Magnet: Spain. Valencia. Torres de Serranos (Brass Color)
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The Serrano Towers in Valencia, Spain

This is a brass colored, metal fridge magnet souvenir of Torres De Serranos in Valencia Spain. The Torres de or Serrano Towers or Porta de Serrans is one of the twelve gates that were found along the old medieval city wall in Valencia, Spain. It is considered one of Valencia's most iconic buildings and is one the best conserved monuments in the city. The Torres de Serranos is one of the two entrances to the old city wall of Valencia which still stand (the second one being the Torres de Quart). Hardly anything else remains from the old wall, which was torn down in 1865. On the north side of the old town are the Torres de Serranos, the old north gate of the town, built in 1398 on Roman foundations and restored in 1930. From the massive towers there are good views of the town. Temporarily housed in the towers is the Maritime Museum, which displays antiquities recovered from the sea.

Gothic City Gateway

The Serranos Towers are considered to be the largest Gothic city gateway in all of Europe, and were constructed at the end of the 14th century by Pere Balaguer as part of the city's fortification. They provisionaly housed prison cells and served as a triumphal arch on many festive and solemn occasions. You can enjoy splendid views of the city and the river Turia from its terraces. Construction on these large guard towers was finished in 1391. They were once the main entrance to the city in the long-since destroyed wall. They offer a perfect view of the old riverbed of the Turia river and its surroundings. From an architectural point of view, they are both pentagon-shaped, connected by a common gallery, and decorated with gothic designs on the borders. On the top there are parapets, and, around the entire structure, are the remains of the old moat. These towers also serve a purpose during the famous Crida, or announcement. This is a popular event announcing the arrival of the most important festival in Valencia, the Fallas, encouraging everyone to participate.

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