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Metal Fridge Magnet: Spain. Valencia Micalet Tower (Brass Color)

Metal Fridge Magnet: Spain. Valencia Micalet Tower (Brass Color)
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Metal Fridge Magnet: Spain. Valencia Micalet Tower (Brass Color)
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The Micalet Tower in Valencia

The Micalet Tower is a Romanesque square tower which was known as the New Bell Tower or Cathedral Bell Tower at different times of history. An example of Catalan architecture, the Micalet Tower is a spectacular fusion of styles, from Gothic to Baroque and Neo-Classical, with 3 portals to suit each style. The very impressive Micalet octagonal bell-tower is the landmark of Valencia, and is depicted in this metal fridge souvenir. It is indeed a great way to treasure your golden memories of your trip to Valencia.

The Architecture of Micalet Tower

Surprisingly, Micalet Tower is the highest religious structure in Valencia and its height is equal to its perimeter. In 1381, architect Andreu Julia started with the construction of the tower. After Andreu, other architects who took up the work were Josep Franch and Pere Balaguer. Originally, the Micalet was a freestanding octagonal tower measuring around 51 meters but the Cathedral was extended in the 15th century to give it a look of a complete structure with the Cathedral. The top portion of the tower has arched windows and is crowned by a steeple from the 18th century. The first portion from the ground is solid only with the staircase, the middle portion has a vaulted chamber with windows and the top portion has open bells room. There are 3 sets of bells (12 in total) in the tower and there were several hints of choir all through the day, week and year.

If you are in Valencia then a visit to the Micalet Tower and the Cathedral is worth your time. The Cathedral Museum has many medieval religious art and artifacts that will surely make your trip to Spain commendable.

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