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Metal Fridge Magnet: Spain. Madrid (Bronze Color)

Metal Fridge Magnet: Spain. Madrid (Bronze Color)
Metal Fridge Magnet: Spain. Madrid (Bronze Color)
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Madrid in Spain - A City with Mesmerizing Blend of Old and New

Madrid is the capital of Spain and the home of famous Real Madrid football club. It is a modern city that reflects a fascinating blend of old and new. Madrid is the largest city of the country and has been the capital since the 17th century. Madrid means 'place of many streams' and it has been derived from the Arabic word "magerit". River Manzanares flows through the Community of Madrid. The official symbol of Madrid is a bear eating berries from the madrono tree and it is beautifully depicted in this metal fridge magnet. If you want a souvenir that will make you remember about the lovely days of the time spent at Spain, then this metal fridge magnet is an apt one.

History of Madrid

The history of Madrid can be traced to the 2nd century BC, when it was settled by the Romans. Later the Moors occupied it around 711 AD. However, in 1083 the city was re-conquered by King Alfonso VI. Much later, during the Spanish Civil War, Madrid was under the siege of Nationalist forces. Presently, it is the largest city in Spain.

Interesting Facts about Madrid

Madrid enjoys a perfect climate suitable for tourists - more cloudless days than almost any other city in Europe. At Madrid, as a tourist you must not miss the Prado for the collection of Spanish paintings. The Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza is the largest private art collections in the world. The Parque del Retiro of around 300 acres is a park area comprising of gardens, lakes, leafy avenues and flower beds. For shoppers and those who love night life, Puerta del Sol is a must. Tourists must also not miss the El Escorial. It is a grand monastery-retreat and some even call it the 'eighth wonder of the world'. Interestingly, Madrid is the highest capital city in Europe located at 650 meters above sea level.

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