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Metal Fridge Magnet: Spain. Barcelona. Gaudi. La Pedrera or Casa Mila (Silver Color)

Metal Fridge Magnet: Spain. Barcelona. Gaudi. La Pedrera or Casa Mila (Silver Color)
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Metal Fridge Magnet: Spain. Barcelona. Gaudi. La Pedrera or Casa Mila (Silver Color)
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  • Las dimensiones: 8.00mm x 90.00mm x 65.00mm
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A House that is like a Toy

If you are a person who admires metal pieces, you are sure to find that this souvenir from Spain will hold your attention. It just uses space and depth of field so well, making it an unusual yet fairly intriguing souvenir. As a matter of fact, it is accurate enough to give a sense of the reality that it derives from the original structure, but it also is abstract enough to give you a sense of mysticism and maybe even fantastical charm. This may be due to the simple fact that it looks like an elaborate toy for a child where all kinds of interesting characters interact.

One thing is for certain, it is a glimpse into a different world and begs a whole bunch of questions about what role civilization does and has being playing in our lives. It even kind of looks like it is the setting of some pleasant daydream. We are talking Antonin Gaudi, the great Catalan architect.

The Works of Gaudi

Casa Mila, also known as casa de la Pedrera, presents some of Gaudi signature features. For example, the facade features an uneven surface which can be found in other buildings designed by the great master, such as Casa Batllo. Also, it shows a curved pattern, that the immense blocks of limestone glued to the surface mimics. The roof includes the catenary arch, one of Gaudi's inventions to hold the heavy structures. Replicating the work process followed when building Casa Batllo, Gaudi designed the furniture for Casa Mila as well. However, the owner was not pleased with this design and some of the designed pieces were disposed, Fortunately, they can be admired at the Museum of Catalan Modernism. If you are fan of Gaudi, this fridge magnet is a great piece to take back home.

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