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Resin Fridge Magnet: United Kingdom. England. Salisbury. Stonehenge

Resin Fridge Magnet: United Kingdom. England. Salisbury. Stonehenge
Resin Fridge Magnet: United Kingdom. England. Salisbury. Stonehenge
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Attractive Fridge Magnet Representing The Historical Site Of Stonehenge In Salisbury, England

The prehistoric monument of Stonehenge is situated in the English county of Wiltshire, approximately eight miles north of Salisbury. It is an impressive site with its circular setting of huge stones. At the time when the site was created there were no written historical documents so the details of its history are not definitive. However, it is believed that construction took place between 3100 BC and 1600 BC. This impressive monument was made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986, jointly with Avebury Henge. It is managed by English Heritage and is a Crown owned site. A lovely piece of memorabilia, this resin fridge magnet presents a close up view of this amazing monument.

A Brief History Of Stonehenge

According to archaeological information this prehistoric megalithic monument was constructed in three stages commencing around 3100 BC with a circular bank and ditch. There are many theories as to the reason behind the origins of Stonehenge ranging from a solar calendar to a place of worship. What is known is that during the second stage of creation a timber structure was present; the holes in which the posts stood have been discovered although the wood is long since gone. The other major discovery in second stage evidence was cremated remains, making this site the earliest example of a cremation cemetery discovered in the British Isles. It is thought that around 2600 BC wood was replaced by stone as the preferred construction material; this was the beginning of the third stage of creation. The holes which have been discovered originally held up to eighty standing stones, only forty three of which can be traced today. As the third stage progressed so thirty huge stones from the Oligocene- Miocene age were brought to the site and placed in a circle with lintel stones atop them joined by tongue and groove woodwork. Further construction took place with the placement and removal of stones over the following years until the last known work took place around 1600BC. It is incredible to know that this impressive site originated all those years ago and remains a monument of enigmatic beauty to the present day.

The City Of Salisbury

The creation of both the city and the cathedral of Salisbury commenced in 1220, with the city originally being called New Sarum. This was not the first settlement in the area; there is evidence of prehistoric living, as well as Roman, Saxon and Norman occupation. The ancient cathedral holds the best preserved copy of the Magna Carta out of the four that remain in existence. It also houses the oldest mechanical clock in Great Britain which was installed in 1386. The cathedral's spire is the tallest in Great Britain whilst the cloisters are Britain's biggest. Amazingly this beautiful building took only thirty-eight years to complete. As well as this architectural elegance, Salisbury also has natural beauty; it stands at the confluence of the rivers Nadder, Ebble, Wylye and Bourne which are tributary to the Avon.

Visiting Stonehenge

If you are visiting Stonehenge access is available by road and there are car parking facilities. Buses travel from Heathrow airport and from Victoria Coach Station in London to Amesbury which is approximately two miles away. The nearest train station is in Salisbury. The site is open every day except Christmas Eve and Christmas day; there are restrictions to visiting at the time of the solstices and at the discretion of English Heritage. A charge is applicable for visiting the monument. If you want to make the most of your journey sunset tours of the inside of the circle are available. If you are fortunate enough to experience this piece of history first hand why not purchase this resin fridge magnet from Internet Store as a memory of the occasion. In fact why not make the purchase anyway and have a small recreation of this ancient historical site in your home.

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