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Inflation in Zimbabwe Exhibited through Acrylic Fridge Magnet You can see Zimbabwe checks and notes of large amounts printed on this acrylic fridge magnet. These checks and notes signify the increased money supply in Zimbabwe that is a major factor behind the birth and rise of inflation. Inflation i..
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Souvenirs from Zimbabwe

Souvenirs from the Republic of Zimbabwe include tribal and ethnic souvenirs of the country. Symmetrical patterns are a trademark, found in the native pottery, baskets, carvings and textiles. Rock carvings made from indigenous stones, such as soapstone, serpentine and verdite depict human figures, birds and other animals, and are a spectacular addition to a living room. Wood sculptures, made from ebony, mahogany and mukwa, are beautiful and can create quite the sensation on your return home. Malachite and emerald stones are fashioned into exquisite jewelry, for excellent prices, and handmade lace will add a beautiful touch to table and bed linens. A batonka drum is the penultimate Zimbabwean souvenir, but may not fit in the overheard compartment of your plane. May we suggest colorful T-shirts featuring tribal scenes, figural magnets and key chains of local landmarks, and a tote bag to hold it all? Mo matter what you choose, you will enjoy your memories.

Sights of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is home of several unique natural features. It shares Victoria Falls with Zambia, and enjoys the animal attractions of the nearby Victoria Falls National Park, one of only 8 in the country. The largest national park is the Hwange National Park, but the Nyanga National Park has the World's View. From this location, you can see for up to 70km in the distance. Mount Nyangani is the highest peak in Zimbabwe, and is located near the Mozambique border. The Matobo hills, meaning "bald head" in the Ndebele tongue, are a unique landscape, famous for local wildlife. Millions of years ago, there were formed when granite was pushed to surface and eroded to their current rounded shape. Many white pioneers are buried in this area, and near World's View. There are many ancient ruins in Zimbabwe, built in the dry stone style that is unusual on the African continent. The most famous one is found in Masvingo, called the Great Zimbabwe.

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