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Souvenirs from Zambia

Souvenirs from the Republic of Zambia are reflective of the wild surroundings and tribal heritage the country is so very proud of. Wood and stone carvings, pottery, handmade glass, batik wall hangings, and wrought iron sculptures are just an assortment of the household items you can purchase. Another consideration is to commission teak furniture from a local artisan. They will be glad to create the items to your specifications, and ship them back home for you. Tribal memorabilia is another option, with large masks, spears and drums on display in the markets. If you are searching for items that will fit in your carry-on bag, beaded necklaces, bracelets, and bags are distinctive and excellent for adding a tribal touch to your wardrobe. Incredibly unique mementos are necklaces featuring the river god, Nyaminyami, and hand forged copper bracelets. Post cards and T-shirts featuring natural wonders are excellent Zambian souvenirs for the difficult to buy for, as well as magnets and key chains

Zambia Landscapes

Zambia contains many spectacular natural landscapes and vistas. Many major African rivers cross and drain in the country, including the Congo, Kalambo, Luangwa, Lungwebungu, Zambezi and Kafue. The high plateau is broken with hills, mountains and valleys, ensuring a beautiful photo every time you turn around. Victoria Falls flows 100 meters from the Zambezi river into Lake Kariba, and is a major tourist attraction. The Kalambo River features the second highest waterfall in Africa, the Kalambo Falls. The animals are another amazing feature of the Zambian countryside. Lions, baboons, buffalo, antelopes... you can find so many varieties in the national parks and reserves. A photo safari is an excellent way to enjoy both the landscapes and fauna. The safaris can range from a daily excursion to week long stays in the wilderness. Be sure to bring plenty of batteries, mosquito nets and sunscreen to ensure an enjoyable experience.

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