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Acrylic Fridge Magnet with the Flag of Yukon An acrylic fridge magnet beautifies and complements the appearance of a refrigerator. But, if it is in the form of a flag with a great historical and constitutional background, then it surely gets transformed into a great souvenir of that place. The flag ..
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Learn about the Different Symbols of Yukon's Coat of Arms The coat of arms of Yukon was commissioned in the early 1950s by the federal Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. The well-known heraldry expert Alan Beddoe was tasked with designing the coat of arms, and Queen Elizabeth II ..
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The Unsurpassed Expanses of the Yukon Territory The Yukon Territory is large enough to hold the states of Delaware, California, Arizona, West Virginia and is highlighted with miles of unexplored terrain, making it one of the most appealing destinations in the mysterious Canadian North. Until 1898, t..
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Souvenirs from the Yukon

The Yukon is the perfect destination for the adventurous outdoors enthusiast. Rocky peaks, crystal clear waters, and unbelievable wildlife encounters make a visit to this Canadian territory truly unforgettable. The homeland of many First Nations cultures, the site of the Klondike Gold Rush of the nineteenth century, and a sanctuary for hundreds of species of animals, the Yukon offers a wide array of historical, cultural, and natural offerings. Commemorate your trip to the Yukon with T-shirts, key rings, fridge magnets, souvenir plates, and coffee mugs that depict some of its famous landscapes. Yukon's flag, which celebrates the province's natural beauty as well as the husky dog, which has been instrumental to the area's development, truly captures the spirit of this beautiful place. Souvenirs bearing the Yukon flag make wonderful keepsakes.

Outdoor Adventures in the Yukon

The Yukon is a true four-seasons playground. If you visit the province, everyone will urge you to get outside, no matter what the weather! Follow in the paths of the gold prospectors of the Klondike Gold Rush on a dog sledding tour, which will whisk you over the frozen landscape at exhilarating speeds. Miniature sleds, sculptures of huskies, and historical books commemorating the Gold Rush are great mementoes from this fun and eye-opening adventure. In the winter, the Yukon is a perfect place to see the amazing Northern Lights. Take a snowmobile tour into the wilderness for the best view, then head back in time to warm up by the fire before bed. Framed photographs, art, and other souvenirs depicting this celestial phenomenon will keep your memory of the Northern Lights vivid for years to come. In the summertime, white water rafting is a popular pursuit in the Yukon. Hold on tight and head down the rapids, making sure to purchase some souvenir photos of the white water so you can prove your daring to friends at home!

The Yukon's One-of-a-Kind Culture

The Yukon is a place where old histories and new intersect, creating a tapestry of First Nations, Canadian, American, and European cultures. Many First Nations communities maintain a heritage center, where you can learn about the history, customs, cuisine, and language of nations such as the Southern and Northern Tutchone, Tlingit, Tagish, Kasha, Tanana, Han, and Gwitchin. Local handcrafts, clothing, and jewelry can help you learn about, honour, and remember their cultural heritage. Dawson City, the epicenter of the Gold Rush, offers historical centers and museums that commemorate an exciting time in the territory's history. Gold jewelry and even nuggets of "fool's gold" make special mementoes. In Whitehorse, you can visit the S.S. Klondike, a restored ship that once traveled the Yukon River. Miniature sculptures of the sternwheeler ship are perfect souvenirs from Whitehorse.

Fun Facts about the Yukon

  • Yukon is a province, not a territory. This adds to its mystique as one a remote destination, and is celebrated on many souvenirs.
  • The Dempster, a highway in the Yukon, is the only one to cross the Arctic Circle. If you take a trip there, be sure to commemorate your experience with a souvenir T-shirt.
  • Mount Logan in the Yukon is Canada's highest mountain. You probably won't make it to the top, but you can own the summit if you buy a souvenir miniature!
  • Mining is a major industry in the Yukon. Be sure to learn more about Yukon's mines, and purchase some metal ore as a neat souvenir and conversation starter.
  • There are more moose than people in the Yukon! A souvenir moose is therefore a great reminder of the general population.

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