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Souvenirs from Yemen

Key chains, refrigerator magnets, postcards and water globes are all fun Yemeni souvenirs, but don't let that be the end of your purchases while on vacation. Traditional handicrafts provide a glimpse into the culture and society of your travel destination, and will memorialize your adventures. Yemeni house models, made from ceramic and wooden pieces are beautiful, as well as hand-woven baskets, created by Sa'ada women to sell at shops. Household items made from copper and brass, such as tea sets, trays, pots and vases, are very beautiful and will add an exotic touch to the kitchen. Children will be delighted with a drum, made in the same fashion for hundreds of years. A certainly unique souvenir from Yemen is a wooden shutter, used to block sand and light, intricately carved and perfect to use as a wall hanging. Honey and honeycombs are used as medicine and an aphrodisiac by the populace, and come in beautiful glass jars.

Yemeni Souvenirs

A belted dagger, worn ceremonially by Yemeni men, can make a fantastic souvenir. Featuring carved handles of bone, wood or ivory and holders embellished in embroidered velvet and leather and gemstones, they can make a distinctive gift to a special person. For those who less militaristic in nature, you can purchase the ornate belts separately, or choose a silver pouch, used to hold money and gems. Precious metals, such as silver and gold, are found for excellent prices, and the experience is a souvenir in itself, as you enjoy cups of tea, while beautiful pieces of jewelry and gemstones are whisked before your eyes. For a less expensive memento, muckmugs, the tie-dyed scarves worn by local women, are ideal for use as home decor, turned into table cloths or window treatments. Frankincense is a princely present, and will add exotic flair, as you burn it in a traditional vessel, or use it to scent clothing.

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