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Wallis and Futuna

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A Source of Strength If you hold a special place in your heart for this region in the world, this souvenir from Wallis and Futuna is perfect for you. It is a great magnet to have if you miss this part of the world. It may also serve as a source of strength. After all, it is a coat of arms and is mea..
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Souvenirs from Wallis and Futuna

The Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands are a French overseas collectivity, and offers visitors the tropical experiences of warm blue waters, sunny beaches and fragrant blossoms. Souvenirs from Wallis and Futuna could be as simple as a printed refrigerator magnet, a fun beaded shell keychain, or a slew of colorful plastic beads and charms. Tapas cloth, made from the bark of the breadfruit tree, is produced on both islands, but with different iconography. Wallisian souvenirs feature sea creatures and shells, while Futunan memorabilia uses geometric designs. Wooden sculptures and household objects are easily found in the markets and souvenir shops, decorated with each island's traditional theme. A lovely tray or serving bowl would add charm to a kitchen, or be the perfect gift for a newly married couple. Beauty treatments created from tropical flowers and spices are a welcome way to enjoy vacation memories long after you've returned home.

A Brief Geography of Wallis and Futuna

The islands of Wallis and Futuna are located in the South Pacific, surrounded by Tuvalu, Samoa, Rotuma, Fiji, Tonga, Tokelau and Kiribati. Made of 3 volcanic islands and various miniscule islets, 15,000 individuals enjoy a paradise of pleasant weather and a life uncomplicated by the entrenchment of modernity. Split into two groups, the northeastern Wallis Islands and the southwestern Futuna Islands, the territory is spread over 500 km. Uninhabited until the 1400's, Tonga colonized the islands. The inhabitants became part of the French colonies in 1942, and elected to become an Overseas French Territory. In 2003, the citizens elected to become further aligned with the government of France by becoming an overseas collective. Wallis Island has an arid, semi-desert climate, softened by the lagoon which provides bountiful seafood. Futuna is a volcanic island; the largest of these volcanoes is Mount Puke, rising up to 760 meters. Relatively few tourists visit the island, but those who do enjoy the relaxed pace and natural beauty.

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