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Souvenirs from Vatican City

Visitors come to the Vatican to engage in religious and political history, learning more about the machinations that have shaped the world. Souvenirs from Vatican City are on a similarly epic scale, including replicas of holy icons, famous statues and miniaturized monuments. Stamps from the Vatican are highly prized by collectors, and can be purchased in frames to mount on walls, or some choose to mail postcards and letters to themselves from the post office. Gifts of religious significance are always popular Vatican souvenirs, such as blessed rosaries, prayer cards and relics from beloved saints. Mock ups of jewelry found in the Vatican archives have become very famous for their quality and style, including the use of real gemstones and gold. Entertaining joke memorabilia, such as bobble-head Pope figurines and athletic style sweatshirts and jerseys are great fun, as well as commemorative key chains, shot glasses and paperweights, and refrigerator magnets.

Enjoying Vatican City

The primary attraction of Vatican City is St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums. Lines stretch around the circumference of the mile wide city state, full of pilgrims and art enthusiasts waiting to enter, but you can make arrangements with tour companies to enter early in the morning, or late at night, skipping the crowds. The Sistine Chapel, with a ceiling painted by the mighty Michelangelo, maybe the most famous artwork in residence, but you will also marvel at pieces of prehistoric, Roman, Renaissance and Modern art. You may also be interested in having an audience with the Pope, gathering with 5,000 other faithful to hear his words of wisdom, when he in residence during the cooler months. The Vatican Gardens are another charming attraction, as you walk along the same flowered paths that kings, dictators and popes have for centuries. Finally, there may be no greater joy than taking a seat in St. Peter's square and watching scores of people admiring their surroundings.

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