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Souvenirs from Vanuatu

The Republic of Vanuatu is a virtually untouched island paradise, where handicrafts continue to tell the story of its people and natural surroundings. The most iconic Vanuatuan souvenirs are carvings made from wood, such as stylized fish, birds, humans and turtles, and weapons. You can also choose a practical kitchen item, such as a tray, platter or bowl. Tattoos are another popular art form, but you may wish to purchase a painting featuring similar tribal themes, instead. Dramatic in form, a headdress would make for an interesting focal point in an office alongside a brightly painted piece of pottery. Woven bags and shawls can be used to protect your breakable souvenirs from Vanuatu, such as large seashells and water globes, and can be worn on a dreary day to remind you of lush breezes and warm seas. Finally, the most traditional vacation memorabilia are T-shirts, postcards, key chains and refrigerator magnets, perfect for sharing with co-workers.

Vanuatu's Flora and Fauna

The main charm of Vanuatu is the lush landscaping, created by acres of rainforests and relative isolation, resulting in a somewhat limited array of diversity. Regardless, there are over 1500 plant species to be found on the island, including 158 types of orchids. Enjoying all of this vegetation are 100 different bird species, 11 bat species, and 19 native reptile species, including the charmingly named Flowerpot Snake, only found on Efate. Dugongs, or sea cows, are the largest mammal that lives in Vanuatu, and are also the only mammal herbivores that live in the sea. Whales, dolphins, turtles and sharks also patrol the shores, as a part of over 4,000 different types of marine life, including mollusks, reef fish, and coral. There are many reserves to protect all the plants and animals, such as the Loru Conservation Area, Happy Land Kauri Reserve, Vatthe Conservation Area and the Million Dollar Point National Park.

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