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Acrylic Fridge Magnet of Registan, Uzbekistan Exhibited on the magnet above is a shot of the Registan in Uzbekistan. Registan is a plaza built in the middle of Samarkand. The word "Registan" means a sandy place or desert in Persian. In olden days, people used to gather in the Registan and listen to ..
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Acrylic Fridge Magnet Shaped as Char Minor in Uzbekistan Char Minor, a beautiful building consisting of four minarets is situated between Pushkin and Hoja Nurabad in Bukhara. It was constructed as a gateway of a madrasas in 1807. It has a gorgeous architecture, as shown on the acrylic fridge magnet ..
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Souvenirs from Uzbekistan

The Republic of Uzbekistan is a paradise of artisanal goods, created in traditional methods that date back centuries. Ceramics are a particularly prized souvenir as one of the oldest craft forms. Traditionally made in shades of blue and white, pitchers, dinner ware and household objects are sought out as Uzbek memorabilia. Wood carvings are another exquisite item, especially the laukh. This Koran stand is created from a single piece of wood, its design unique throughout the world. Painted wooden boxes, bright with colors and floral designs, are a charming souvenir from Uzbekistan, and ideal for holding a piece of jewelry. Especially unusual are necklaces with filigree cylinders. Women would place love notes or prayers in the tube, to keep the sentiment close by. Engraved metal items are also impressive mementos, shaped by blacksmiths and then decorated by craftsmen. Post cards, key chains and magnets featuring images from Uzbekistan are wonderful for sharing your trip with others.

Uzbek Textiles and Decorations

Uzbekistan has always been known for its textile industries, especially rugs. Traditional designs include stripes and geometric shapes, created to match the decor of Uzbek homes. Rugs can also be turned into prayer mats, although a more traditional method is to use stamped fabric called Kolyb. Handmade silk cloth is a millennium old craft, and made from silk worms bred by the weavers. Available in a rainbow of colors and different textures and weights, you can purchase clothing, curtains, pillows and more from the artisans. You could also purchase lengths of materials to have made into custom items when you return from your vacation. Embroidered clothing is of exceptional quality. Kashtachilik is a delicate pattern believed to magical by the workers. As a precaution, the final design is left unfinished, lest it be true that complete embroidery can summon a woman's untimely end. Bukhara embroidery is worked in gold threads, and is used to decorate hats, shoes, caftans and pillows.

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