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United States Virgin Islands

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Souvenirs from the United States Virgin Islands

Souvenirs from the United States Virgin Islands are remarkable ways to continue the tropical experience long after your vacation has ended. A fun T-shirt printed with beach images, flip-flop sandals that leave imprints of palm trees in the sand, a key chain with a plastic dolphin or a refrigerator magnet covered in glitter are just a few of the fun pieces of memorabilia you will find. If you are searching for truly spectacular U.S. Virgin Islander souvenirs, there are many handcrafted options available. Hand painted and hand dyed clothing is quite lovely, especially when featuring sea life and tropical flowers. There are many artists who have made their home here, and use their talents to create land and seascapes, pottery and jewelry that are endued with the friendly spirit and bright colors endemic to the country. Those who are in the market for high-end shopping will appreciate the duty-free shops full of fashion, home decor and electronics.

Beverages of the US Virgin Islands

Certain types of drink and food spring to mind when speaking of the Caribbean experience. Rum is, perhaps, the most iconic of these, with every island having its own specific variation on the amber liquid. Distilled from molasses or sugar cane, the essence of various spices and fruits can be added, creating exciting new tastes. Vanilla, pepper and coconut are a few of the most popular flavors. Visitors to the Virgin Islands should look for Cruzan rum, hailing from the island of St. Croix. If you are looking for something non-alcoholic, but just as indicative, try seamoss. A type of seaweed tea, it is mixed with spices and milk to create a frothy concoction. Another tea is made from boiling the bark of the mauby tree with cinnamon. Many other punches are made using local fruits, such as pumpkin, banana, passion fruit and coconut, and have been in favor for centuries on the islands.

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