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In a Positive Light This souvenir from Uganda may easily be described as beautiful and can be acquired in order to maintain a certain sense of pride and accomplishment in regards to this country. There is a lovely mesh of lush greenery and wonderful architecture. Because of this, if you lack a nice ..
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Souvenirs from Uganda

Visitors to the Republic of Uganda are often delighted with the quality of Ugandan souvenirs that are available at every market within the country. Barkcloth, a remarkably sustainable resource created by soaking the bark of the Mutuba-Fig tree and hammering it to the desired thickness, is used to make many different handicrafts. A Calabash pot, created from a dried gourd, is used to store water in the African countryside, but you may wish to use one as a unique vase. Colorful pottery, created from variations of local clay, is available in blue, red, yellow and white, and is quite lovely as a set of dishes or a pitcher. Woven baskets and mats are available in a wide array of sizes and shapes, and can serve many practical purposes as souvenirs from Uganda. Tribal weapons and drums are exotic and fantastically made, but the most popular mementos are the key chains, postcards and refrigerator magnets embossed with African images.

Ugandan National Parks

As befits a country with a wide patrimony of natural beauty, Uganda has many national parks that provide protection for the plants and animals within its borders. The largest of these at 3,900 sq km is the Murchinson Falls National Park, but the smallest is the Mghahinga National Park at only 34 sq km. If you have an interest in animals, Lake Mburo National Park has the largest herd of antelope in Uganda. The Mount Elgon National Park has a towering mountain of Mt Elgon, which measures at 4,321 meters high, but Queen Elizabeth National Park is noted as having the best landscape variety for those wishing to take photographs. The central region of the Ruwenzori Mountain Range is protected by the same named national park, and is a refuge for many animals. The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park offers adventures for hikers and mountains climbers, with its high elevations.

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