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The Power of Colors This travel souvenir from Turkmenistan is perfect if you want to bring a bit of culture home. The use of contrast is something that makes this magnet alluring and well worth examining. The golden color appears to convey power and refined cultivation. The blue backdrop represents ..
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Souvenirs from Turkmenistan

Souvenirs from Turkmenistan offer visitors exotic ways to remember their vacation. Wandering through the desert markets, you will find colorful scarves, woolen slippers and socks, carved statues and delicate jewelry. In fact, the memories of shopping for presents will be a vivid souvenir themselves. Carpets are a specialty of the country, and a practical memento. They come in an assortment of sizes and styles, perfect for use as wall decor or to spice up a plain floor. Meters of silks, stunning in quality and colors, can be purchased to be made into clothing, draperies, tablecloths and bed linens. Those who are searching for impressive Turkmen souvenirs should search for Turkmenbashi memorabilia, such as books and gold statues. For smaller presents, you should certainly consider picking up Turkmen calendars, which use regional month names, and postcards of the local attractions. Key chains, refrigerator magnets, T-shirts shot glasses, and pins are just a few other items to consider.

The Geography of Turkmenistan

A member of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Turkmenistan is bordered by Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and the Caspian Sea. The country stretches from 1,100 km east to west, and 650 km north to south. It is a desert land, full of sand and rolling dunes that segue into the western coast and become mountains near the Iranian border. Called Garagum Desert, it fills over 350,000 sq km. The highest point in the nation is Ayrybaba, which soars up to 3,319 meters, while the lowest is Sarygamysh Lake at 100 meters below sea level. There are also a series of depressions in the land that make up almost 80% of Turkmenistan. Within the depressions, marsh land salt flats have formed, oozing up from the soil. The largest of these is over 1,500 sq km. Earthquakes are an issue for the population, as the Kopet Dag Range is in tectonic transformation, changing with each tremor.

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