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Trinidad and Tobago

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Souvenirs from Trinidad and Tobago

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is a beach goer's paradise, with ideal conditions for soaking in the sun. The tropical dream can continue at home, with memorabilia reflective of the atmosphere and images. Sarongs, hand painted clothing, necklaces made of shells, leather sandals and T-shirts are a wonderful Trinidadian souvenir to enjoy every day. You may wish to bring home Tobagonian spices, rum and drink mixes to share during parties and special occasions. If you are looking to decorate your home with souvenirs from Trinidad and Tobago, wooden carvings, steel pan drums, and handmade ceramic statues are interesting buys. Figural refrigerator magnets of local landmarks, bottle openers and key chains with local and city names, and scenic postcards are wonderful mementos to bring to coworkers and friends. Vendors on the beach sell beaded jewelry, sunglasses and lotions to the sunning masses, and also provide great stories to remember for a life time.

Trinidad and Tobago: Things To Do

You can stay at the beach all day and all night, but if you find you'd like a change of pace while on vacation in Trinidad and Tobago, there are many options available to the tourist. There are hundreds of different bird species living on the island, and several sanctuaries open for bird watching. You can hire a tour, or simply walk through the trees, and see what you can find. Seeking something a little more sweat-inducing? Trinidad is home to a coastal mountain range. Hiking or cycling through them, you'll see brightly colored wildlife, exotically scented flowers, and majestic waterfalls. Diving and snorkeling the clear blue seas around the islands to see coral reefs and underwater canyons is a great companion activity. Music is a fantastic souvenir of any vacation, and steel pan, calypso, soca or parang styles make for great memories. Carnival season is full of music and dancing, and so much fun for everyone.

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