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Souvenirs from Tonga

The Kingdom of Tonga is a spectacular wonderland for the tourist, full of amazing sights and sounds to tempt the senses. Tongan souvenirs are of particular note, for their beautiful traditional handcrafts. A colorful pareo can be used as a beach cover-up while on vacation, and then turned into a tablecloth or bedspread upon your return home. Baskets are always useful at school, home or office to store papers, towels or toys. Unique souvenirs from Tonga can be found at the post office, where collectors purchase stamps in vibrant colors that reflect the region's history. You can always mail a postcard to yourself, or to a friend, for a lovely memory of your trip. For those who like a bit of shine, mother of pearl jewelry is very reasonably priced and comes in an assortment of styles. Be sure to pack plenty of T-shirts, key chains and refrigerator magnets into your carry-on bag!

Tongan Souvenirs

One remarkable souvenir from Tonga is tapa cloth. Made from the bark of the mulberry tree, this cloth is dyed with traditional symbols and shapes, and is given for special occasions, such as a marriage or anniversary. Another special item is a mat, which is traditional woven by women only, using pandanus leaves. You may find an eye catching carving, made from shell, bone or wood. Wood is a scarce resource, and Tongan souvenirs made from it will be higher in price and quality. In the local markets, you will see great assortments of spices, with various beauty treatments that incorporate the scent and healing powers of each one. A lovely smelling bottle of lotion, bath salts, or candle made using vanilla, hibiscus or tiare essence will be a delightful treat for you. Bags of seashells are another great piece of memorabilia, especially for a young child or to use in home decoration.

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