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Souvenirs from Tokelau

Tokelau is a New Zealand territory in the South Pacific, made of beautiful coral atolls. The many natural attractions of the islands are found in the Tokelauan souvenirs that are for sale in the marketplaces, particularly items made from coconuts. The fibers from the coconut tree are harvested and turned into a matted fabric. This fabric is used to create sculptures of boats and homes, fans, baskets, hats and purses. On occasion, a hard liner made from coconut shell is added to the inside of the purse for extra support. Another distinctive souvenir from Tokelau is a tuluma. This wooden box was created to be watertight to survive falling off of canoes, and makes a perfect item for ocean voyages, as it will float. Certainly, you won't want to depart without purchasing many different postcards, T-shirts, key chains, magnets and picture frames to keep memories of your tropical vacation alive.

Geography of Tokelau

There are 3 coral atolls that make up the nation of Tokelau, all within a short boat ride of each other. The largest, Nukuonu, has 24 islets and the largest lagoon of the atolls. Covered in Pandanus trees, it provides tourists an opportunity to interact with many tropical forest animals. Atafu, the smallest, is a traditional hold out, with a strong reliance on the dug-out canoe, a transportation mainstay of earlier times. You can see many of the tribal building methods on this island, but be aware that there are laws regarding the sale of alcohol. Called the "Chiefly Island," Fakaofa has the largest population, counting 600 people living there. It is the most developed of the atolls, with a traditional village hall with a coral sculpture of Polynesisan god and 3 churches to serve the spiritual needs of its inhabitants. All of Tokelau offers relaxation, tribal experiences, scuba diving and watersport for its visitors.

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