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Souvenirs from Togo

Souvenirs from Togo are an important part of the vacation experience, and can range from the simple to the masterfully produced. A fun T-shirt, colorful photo book, jangling key chain, figural refrigerator magnet, or a collection of postcards are all great ways to preserve your memories. If you are searching for something more dramatic, a trip to the local markets will reveal local handicrafts and art pieces to tempt your wallet. Tribal goods are always popular, especially the colorful ceremonial masks and animist statues. Locally woven and dyed fabric can be purchased by the length and turned into household linens, or made into a custom outfit by a tailor. Jewelry, whether a precious metal masterpiece or strands of glass trade beads, is always a unique way to carry your vacation with you after your return home. Wood carvings and engravings of local scenes, people and animals are distinctive additions to a home of office.

The Geography of Togo

Located in West Africa, Togo is surrounded by Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana and the Gulf of Guinea. Long and thin, the country has an area of 56,785 square kilometers stretched over 579 km from north to south, and 160 square kilometers wide. There are 6 different geographical regions in Togo, starting in the far northwest area with a rocky harsh landscape, marked by gashes of cliffs. Moving farther south, there is a sandstone plateau covered with savannah grasses crossed by the Oti River, moving into the Togo Mountains. Mount Agou is the highest point in the country, rising up to 986 meters. Descending south, we come upon the tablelands, drained by several rivers, including the Mono and the Ogou. The Ouatchi Plateau is next, full of red, iron rich soil. It has been categorized as a protected eco-region, called the forest-savanna mosaic eco-region. At the coast, we find the lagoons, tidal flats and sandy beaches that make up the coastline.

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