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A Testament of Human Achievement If you like castles and structures that look like they are straight out of the Middle Ages, this travel souvenir from Tajikistan is the right for you. This magnet serves as a window into past even though it depicts a formidable tower of a castle, but is is powerful e..
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A Balance of Sky and Snow Some people like souvenirs that are derived from a local culture, others prefer to have a focus on the natural force that are in play in a certain region. In the case of this souvenir from Tajukistan, this rings true for the latter as there is a seamless use of colors and t..
Ex Tax:US$3.29
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Souvenirs from Tajikistan

The Republic of Tajikistan offers many unique opportunities for the tourist to find memorabilia. Tajik souvenirs are the result of the careful study and consideration that craftsmen have been using for generations. Of particular note is the carving used to decorate homes, mosques and everyday objects. Traditional themes are of Arabic words in flowing letters or naturalistic compositions of flowers and trees. You may find this worked into utensils, jewelry, musical instruments and small sculptures, creating beautiful souvenirs from Tajikistan for you to enjoy. Furniture is also carved with the same amount of care, and can be shipped home for you. Of course, you can also find T-shirts and post cards with famous monuments printed on them, or adorable children's toys to share with friends and family. Co-workers will enjoy a keychain or refrigerator magnet. For a very special item of memorabilia, consider purchasing a hand woven carpet, done in a rich assortment of colors, and embroidered with gold thread.

Fabric Crafts of Tajikistan

Tajikistan has a long tradition of weaving, using handlooms to create ornate fabrics with beautiful designs and luxurious feel. These fabrics are often used as a basis for embroidery, or turned into wall hangings and clothing. Brocade fabric originated here, and is exported throughout the world, to be turned into housewares and fancy dress. Zandona and Alocha are the two common fabrics, and are used widely by the Tajiks. Gold embroidery, which is applied to leather, velvet, fur and cotton fabrics, is another source of pride for the country and is done in two styles. Gulduzi is the most common and is made using by sewing over drawn lines. You'll see this on lingerie, shoes and harnesses. Zarduzi is applied freestyle over the entire object and can be much more valuable, due to the effort required. A few embroidered items to look for include the rumol, which is a man's belt, and the toki kallapush, a skullcap that comes in an assortment of sizes.

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