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Taipei - A Complete Tourist Destination Taipei is the not only the capital of Taiwan but also the political, economical and technological epicenter of the Republic of China as its provincial capital. Thanks to its favorable climate, Taiwan is also a blooming tourist spot with excellent natural resou..
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Souvenirs from Taiwan

Souvenirs from Taiwan can reflect the traditional handicrafts of the country, or luxury items at a bargain price. The many night markets offer a plethora of T-shirts, key chains, refrigerator magnets, water globes, postcards and other items that would be great presents for coworkers and friends. If you are searching for something truly memorable, antique stores sell exquisite representations and exact replicas of centuries old vases, statues and paintings. For something slightly more personal, jade jewelry is very popular and comes in a variety of pendants, beads, earrings and bracelets. Coral, agate and other precious stones made into paperweights are other souvenirs from Taiwan. Bamboo items for the home, such as placemats, furniture and baskets, would be a way to daily remember your experiences in Asia. Designer clothes or a hand tailored suit would be a delight for a special friend, and can often be found for better deals than stores outside of the country.

Taiwan: Natural Beauties

There are many interesting things for the tourist to see and experience in Taiwan, especially once you enter the countryside. The Sun Moon Lake is especially renowned for its vista, with beautiful mountains and Buddhist monasteries bordering it. Another romantic and inspiring view can be in found in Taroko National Park's gorge. Lush green forests and thundering waterfalls create memories for a life time. If the water makes you desire a swim, Kenting beach offers white sands, clear seas and marvelous snorkeling. However, if a spa would be more to your liking, there are numerous hot springs throughout the country that offer relaxation and beauty treatments. Many of these sights can accessed by driving down Highway 11, a scenic route that sits between the coastline and the mountain range and offers camping sites. For a real sensory treat, take the Alishan Railway from the rice paddies, up to the mountainous forests.

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