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Souvenirs from Syria

Visitors to the Syrian Arab Republic can find many examples of timeless craftsmanship to enjoy and purchase for Syrian souvenirs. Inlaid wood items, such as game boards, trinket boxes, jewelry chests and furniture, are made from rosewood, ebony and mother of pearl for heirloom quality gifts. You can also purchase inlaid steel and copper items, made from engraving trays and weapons with fantastic designs, and then laying silver or gold wire in the channels. Mosaic trays, fire glazed pottery, woven baskets and mats are other handicrafts that are extremely well made. Hand loomed brocade fabric, made from silk into a damask pattern, is of top quality, and can purchased by the length to have made into home furnishings, such as chair covers, tablecloths and draperies, or you can purchase ready-made items, like ties and women's evening dresses. Naturally, your most fun souvenirs from Syria maybe all the jangly key chains, plastic magnets and T-shirts you purchase.

Syria's Flora and Fauna

Situated between the 3 continents of Africa, Europe and Asia, Syria offers a mix of climates and animals for interested visitors. There are 3 corresponding geographical regions that stretch over the 185,000 sq km country: the Eastern Plateau, the Jabal an-Nusayriyah Mountains and the coastal plain. The eastern half of the country has a desert environment, with corresponding temperature and precipitation extremes, while the north-western section is referred to as the "Fertile Crescent." Here, temperatures are moderated by Mediterranean sea breezes, and there is far more rainfall, allow agriculture to flourish. Orange, olive, almond, apricot, fig, tamarind, pomegranate, and chestnut groves are all cultivated here. Throughout the land, you will find the iconic camel leading Bedouin tribes from place to place, as well as desert reptiles, oceanic birds, and evergreen forests full of bears, squirrels and rabbits. Many tourists enjoy the different locations found in Syria on adventure tours, taking them to remote locations.

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