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Souvenirs from Sudan

Souvenirs from Sudan can be a colorful postcard, a jangling key chain showing the country's flag, or a refrigerator magnet of a local landmark. Those looking for something slightly more authentic to the country's handicraft and artistic traditions will enjoy visiting the souks, where stalls are stocked with fragrant spices, street foods and many different gifts to purchase. Tribal work, such as dramatically styled ceremonial masks and sculptures of local deities and villagers, are always popular Sudanese souvenirs and are ideal for display in the home or office. Basketwork is another ideal piece of memorabilia, and can be found in various sizes and styles to suit almost any purpose. For those who are searching for something slightly more distinctive, you will find that precious metals can be found for ideal prices, made into jewelry, serving ware and household decor. Leather items, such as wallets, belts, shoes and bags, are also wonderful ways to remember your vacation to the Republic of the Sudan.

The Geography of Sudan

Taking over 2.5 million square kilometers of the northeastern and central African continent, Sudan is the largest country in Africa. The landscaped mostly consists of a variety of plains, with a border of hills and mountains to the south and east. The plains move through 18 degrees of latitude, with the nature of the plains changing as they move from north to south. The Nile Valley and desert comprise the northern regions, where there is little water and farm land, but many sandy dunes and stones. Moving to the west, the landscape turns into a semi-desert, where the presence of streams is dependent on the rainy seasons. As a result, the population must stay near manmade wells for water. This area also has many mountains and hills. Eastern Sudan runs the gamut between semi-desert and coastal plain, and supports much cattle and wildlife. The center of the country, running to the south, is a fertile clay plain, where the majority of agriculture is accomplished.

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