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Sri Lanka

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This Acrylic Fridge Magnet Shows an Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka The island of Sri Lanka (also known as Ceylon) is located off the southeast coast of India and has a rich cultural and natural history. The Indian Elephant, which features so prominently in this souvenir fridge magnet, is a part of..
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Fridge Magnet Fashioned as Temple of the Tooth Fashioned in the form of the famous Temple of the Tooth, this acrylic fridge magnet is indeed an apt and lovely keepsake of the temple. Temple of the Tooth is a Buddhist sanctuary established in the regal palace complex located in Kandy in Sri Lanka. Th..
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Souvenirs from Sri Lanka

Visitors to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka are always enchanted by the exotic sights, sounds and scents of the country, and seek out memorabilia to prolong the experience. Sri Lankan souvenirs showcase centuries of tradition and craftsmanship, supported by monarchies and religion. Wooden masks, painted and carved for specific situations, are quite dramatic and can be used as decor. A dumbara mat is a rope wall hanging that is hand loomed by a specific group of citizens called Kinnara, and would look stunning on an office wall. Shellacked boxes, vases, mirrors and other small items are covered in tinted wax to create rich colors and designs. Elephants are a popular motif in souvenirs from Sri Lanka, and can be found carved in precious stone or featured on postcards, T-shirts, calendars, key chains and refrigerator magnets. Clay cooking pots are still used by over three-fourths of the population, and would be a nice present for a cook.

Sri Lankan Souvenirs

Canework, or rattan, uses dried sticks to create light, yet sturdy, furniture and baskets for the home. It can be difficult to pack a chair as a souvenir from Sri Lanka, but a length of handmade lace should be no problem at all. Called pillow lace for its manner of weaving, you will find it on many different clothing and household items. Batik cloth, made by using waxes and dyes on fabric, is labor intensive and beautiful. You can purchase the cloth by the meter to have made into drapes, throws and tablecloths upon your return home, or purchase ready-made items, such as tunics, scarves, bags and pareos. Various types of local leaves, such as the indikola and the talkola, are processed and woven into purses, hats, bags, books and mats for Sri Lankan souvenirs. Tourists also seek out precious metal and stone jewelry, forged in traditional methods by craftsmen.

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