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South Sudan

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Souvenirs from South Sudan

Visitors to the Republic of South Sudan are astonished by the sheer array of wildlife and history that have occurred within its borders. Souvenirs from South Sudan pay homage to these by showcasing natural materials in traditional fashion. Within the markets, you will see carts full of animals carved from ebony wood, tribal weapons, and baskets woven from dried grasses. Leather items, made from the skins of African animals, such as snakes, crocodiles and ostrich, are very attractive and would be welcome gift. Taxidermy is another interesting example of South Sudanese souvenirs, as animals are turned into decor and usable objects, such as an ashtray made from a baby crocodile. For those who prefer to eat animals, a gift of spices, such as fennel, nutmeg and candlenut, would be appreciated. Too many choices? Consider purchasing a water globe, photo book, key chain, T-shirt or refrigerator magnet emblazoned with local logos.

Visiting South Sudan

South Sudan offers many attractive and fascinating sceneries to its visitors, many of them singular throughout the world. Whether you choose to visit the largest wetland area in the world at the Sudd region, climb the Imatong Mountains to the Kinyeti plateau, or hike through the rain forest along the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, you will be enchanted by your discoveries. Many birding enthusiasts find the opportunity to see rare species in the wild too tempting to resist, seeking out the black crowned crane and the white tam. The Nile River is another source of enchantment, as its waters conceal crocodiles and many centuries of history. White water rafting, sports fishing and cruises are just a few of the ways to experience it. For those who prefer a more relaxing time in the water, there are several hot springs for soaking and beauty treatments throughout the country.

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