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South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

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Souvenirs from South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands draw adventure seeking tourists and researchers to them every year. There are no permanent residents, but every year officials, scientists, and workers from the hospitality industries return in the summer months to welcome visitors. If you are looking for souvenirs from Sought Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, you will certainly want to consider a T-shirt, a postcard, key chain or refrigerator magnet. These items will be imprinted with maps, images of local scenery, and reproductions of antique photographs or cartoon graphics of native wildlife. If you are seeking something with more uniquely authentic feel, a remarkable rock or particularly shiny pebble are your best bets. You may come to find in your travels here that your pictures, sketches and journal entries are your best South Georgian souvenirs that you could ever possess of this beautiful and remote island chain.

Why Visit South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands?

In a location near Antarctica, you may wonder what charms South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands could have to draw tourists, historians and researchers back to them every year. Tales of its extreme and untamed beauty have circulated for centuries, and its location made it ideal for whaling colonies. For the modern day traveler seeking adventure, they provide a memorable vacation far away from their comfort zone. South Georgia is a long curved island, compared to a broken whale bone, with mountain ranges, glaciers and snow coverage that ranges from 75 to 100 percent throughout the year. Various historical sites are spread throughout the area, including Shackelton's Cross and the Marconi Colony, that provide a glimpse into the hard life that the men who explored in the early 1900's endured. Naturists will enjoy visiting the summer breeding grounds of the many birds who nest in the rocks on the tiny off-shore islands.

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