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South America

South American Souvenirs

From the vast slopes of the Andes where they tower over the blue waves of the Pacific Ocean, to the endless rolling pampas of Argentina, from the thick green rainforests of Brazil to the cool highland volcanoes of Peru, South America is full of vividly interesting landscapes, richly assorted cultures, and dramatic history. This is the land of the expansionist Incas, the fierce Quechua and the cunning Spanish Conquistadors, and South American souvenirs reflect this diversity, celebrating the distinctive flavor of the southern Americas.

Fridge magnets and plates, t-shirts and keychains - all can evoke the many moods of this landmass and its nations. Seeing a fridge magnet on your refrigerator may remind you of the warm magic of a Brazilian carnival night, with the tropical stars glittering overhead and the air throbbing with the spicy beat of South American music. For the more spiritually minded, the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer from Rio de Janeiro is an iconic image that is well suited to dozens of different South American souvenirs, including a t-shirt for you to wear when recalling a trip there.

South American Excitement in Your Home

There are countless images from South America that make beautiful, exciting souvenirs, and many of these items are featured on our site for your enjoyment. There is no lack of natural features that are worthy of depiction in some form. Volcanoes, waterfalls, and rugged landscapes make a great image for plates, mugs, and t-shirts, while the flora and fauna are also brilliant and sometimes bizarre. Blue morpho butterflies, anteaters, jaguars - the possibilities are endless!

The Indian empires of the olden days offer many intriguing images suitable for South American souvenirs, too. Towering pyramidal temples, the grotesque masks of old gods, the stylized figures of plumed, shield-bearing warriors, all offer plenty of material for distinctive decorations.

The less remote and less warlike imagery of modern South American culture also has its place on your refrigerator or your keychain. Whatever your tastes, these warm, exciting climes have a souvenir to brighten up your home, and we are your best source for these pleasant accessories.

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