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Souvenirs from Somalia

Visitors to the Somali Republic are often struck by the beauty that can be found in the region, and look for Somalian souvenirs to share with others. Woven baskets, created from local leaves and reeds, are always practical, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit many purposes. Jewelry, made from silver and gold struck in traditional motifs or wood and horn beads, can be a lovely present, or woolen sweaters, scarves and hats for the colder climates. A wooden carving of animals could become a statement piece for a formal dining room. Many of the everyday items used by villagers could become fantastic souvenirs from Somalia, such as finely turned cooking utensils, area mats and rugs, arrowheads, knives, ropes and leather bags and belts. A postcard of the landscape, set into a souvenir picture frame, or magnets and key chains bearing local slogans are smaller pieces of memorabilia, but no less meaningful.

Things to Do in Somalia

Somalia can be a dangerous location to visit, but those who do find that it was well worth any risk. Hammawein is an old port town, full of markets with gold jewelry, wooden sculptures and a recent Roman Catholic Cathedral, built for the needs of the Italian population. You may also wish to visit the popular Gezira beach while in town. A stop by the National Museum of Somalia, with exhibits that detail the Egyptian civilization in the country, is certainly worthwhile to examine the artifacts and artwork within. The Sheik Abdul Aziz Mosque is rumored to have built itself, as no one can accurately say who commissioned it or when it was constructed. The seaport of Berbera has several sets of ruins to recommend it, while the village of Brava is a picturesque village on the outskirts of Mogadishu. For those seeking natural adventures, there are several reserves with many animals to enjoy.

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