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Solomon Islands

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A Shark At The Solomon Islands Captured On A Lovely Acrylic Fridge Magnet The numerous Solomon Islands lie in the South Pacific Ocean; the capital of Honiara is on the island of Guadalcanal. The islands have been inhabited for hundreds of years but were first visited in 1568 by Spaniard Alvaro de M..
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Solomon Islands: a Place of Natural Beauty This magnet souvenir is a great way to commemorate your last trip to the Solomon Islands. This might ring especially true if you loved the natural beauty found here as the flag boasts nature friendly colors like blue, green and yellow and it is powerful and..
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Solomon Islands: A Great Home for Wildlife If there is one thing that anyone who checks out this travel souvenir from Solomon Islands will notice is the numerous animals found throughout it, from sea creatures to a voracious predator. It is no wonder as many people notice that in this place, like so..
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Souvenirs from Solomon Islands

Souvenirs from the Solomon Islands are reflective of the tropical atmosphere and surroundings. Pandanus leaves and coconut palms are woven into baskets, purses, hats and rugs, perfectly charming and lightweight. Wooden carvings of local gods, huts, and canoes can give a rustic touch to a modern office, while mother of pearl bowls will give a romantic touch to vanities. Sharks are a very popular motif, as they are believed to be the reincarnated souls of fishermen. Malaita used shells for currency, and has been turned into necklaces and bracelets. Shells are also used to make tribal breastplates, headbands, and nose rings. Carved wooden flutes, combs and flutes make great Solomon Islanders souvenirs, as well as bags woven from the Asa vine. Of course, the best way to share your vacation experiences and memories may be through postcards, fridge magnets and T-shirts emblazoned with local landmarks, scenic vistas and sunny sayings.

Solomon Islands: Things to Do

Heaven on Earth, the Solomon Islands offer enjoyable experiences for everyone. Diving and snorkeling around the islands, viewing many unique fish and corals. You can also tour WWII ship wrecks as a part of a diving excursion. Sailing trips will give you another view of the beaches that you have spent so many hours on, and let you try your hands at fishing. Hiking through the islands is a way to introduce yourself to the many species of birds, reptiles and mammals, like the flying foxes. You can also see the volcanos and atolls that make up the islands. A history buff will enjoy touring Guadalcanal, and visiting the many WWII battle memorials. In fact, there are many markers designating battles and places of interest. You can also tour the Betikama Carving center and see how ethnic statues are made. The Laulasi villages process and make shell jewelry and decorative items, and are happy to welcome visitors interested in seeing their craft in process.

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