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Acrylic Fridge Magnet of Lake Bled in Slovenia Slovenia is bursting with wonderful souvenirs of the island. The majority of these keepsakes have a photo of the Lake Bled printed on them, as this lake is iconic of the beautiful island. Moreover, on viewing these souvenirs, you will certainly become p..
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Souvenirs from Slovenia

Souvenirs from Slovenia are a reflection of centuries of history and mythology. Dragons are a popular theme, as it's believed Jason and the Argonauts killed one from this area. You'll see them on T-shirts, postcards, refrigerator magnets, key chains and in stuffed animal form. Remnants of Yugoslavia are also sought out, especially in the markets that surround the capital city. Coins, stamps, military paraphernalia, magazines and bank notes are unique ways to commemorate the decline of the Soviet Union in this region. If you are looking for more beautiful Slovenian souvenirs, search out handmade lace, turned into gloves, tablecloths, necklaces and earrings. Carnations are the national flower of Slovenia, and are painted on porcelain, ceramic and wood trinkets as a symbol of Slovenian pride. Bled eggs, created by local artisans, are hollow pieces of clay filled with carnation seeds. These lovely pieces of art are almost too lovely to break open to plant the seeds.

Slovenian Souvenirs

Tiny replicas of row boats, called pletnas, are a fun Slovenian souvenir to grace an office or entertain a child. Crystal, of a high quality, made into goblets, plates, beads and household decor can be found for reasonable prices. Gold jewelry is also renowned for its style and skill. Woven baskets are also charming for presents, and come in an assortment of colors and styles. A wooden panel with traditional folklore images is a very indicative of Slovenia's cultural patrimony, and can make a fantastic accent piece for a collection. Food souvenirs are always a welcome gift, and salt from the ancient Slovenian salt pans will delight the gourmet in your life. Schnapps flavored with blueberry, honey and pear are favorites for their wonderful taste and attractive bottles, or you could pack a bottle of kraski teran wine in your luggage. If you would prefer something more solid, prekmurska gibanica cake comes in fancy packaging.

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