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Homey Bratislava There is something very homey about the way in which Bratislava is presented in this souvenir from Slovakia. This is in part due to the warm colors of the buildings rooftops and the refreshing presence of green trees. It is in a very positive light that provokes wonder about what a ..
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Souvenirs from Slovakia

The most popular souvenirs from Slovakia are the artisanal folk art pieces that are sold throughout the country. Toys, such as cornhusk dolls and puppets, are delicately made and could be used as a gift for a child, or as a decorative accent piece. They often clad in traditional costumes, and would be an interesting companion piece to a matching set of clothing. The Slovak Republic is also known for cut-glass work, used to create dimensional patterns to catch the light. A set of goblets or plates done in such a fashion will add beauty to the dinner table. Traditional tools and musical instruments, such as the shepherd's axe and flute, are slightly larger, but worth the trouble of fitting into your luggage. Other Slovak souvenirs include pottery, wood carvings and embroidered fabrics, such as handkerchiefs and pillowcases. Of course, nothing can be as timeless as a postcard, T-shirt, magnet or key chain bearing the image of famous landmarks as a souvenir.

Slovak Souvenirs

Food souvenirs are always popular with tourists, as they try to bring back the flavors and scents that created cherished memories. A very popular piece of Slovak memorabilia is Figaro chocolate. Easily portable, with unique wrappings, several pieces of this sweet treat could easily delight friends and family. Cheese is another item you may wish to consider transporting home, such as the salty bryndza, made from sheep's milk. If you are lucky enough to spend some time at a spa, you can also purchase specialty tea blends, cookies and cakes. Decorated ginger cakes, sold in markets, are another charming souvenir from Slovakia. For those who would prefer something with a little more bite, a trip to a Slovak winery is in order. The sparkling Hubert wine would be the perfect way to toast a safe return from your trip, or spend a rainy night with a glass of Karpatske brandy.

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