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Acrylic Fridge Magnet Depicting Seychelles Seychelles is famous for its tall fruit bearing palm trees. The coco-de-mer produces the largest nut on earth, its fruit weighs around 40Kg and the seed weighs up to 17kg (it is the world's heaviest seed). The Republic of Seychelles comprises of 115 giganti..
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The Crystalline Waters of Seychelles If you feel like fantasizing of an ideal state of relaxation, this travel souvenir from Seychelles will help you do just that. Think transparent waters, isolated islands and plenty of marine fauna. Water sports fans will be delighted in Beau Vallon. It is no wond..
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The Marvels of Seychelles Symbolism is often found in the simplest objects, and this travel souvenir from Seychelles does just that. Seychelles is an archipelago located East of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. It is one the preferred sites for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers as here the t..
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Victoria Smells Vanilla You can make your kitchen more welcoming with this travel souvenir from Seychelles. Its bright colors will lighten up your kitchen and you will probably long for the times when you were in the Seychelles. Located in Mahe Island, Victoria is the capital city of Seychelles. It ..
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Souvenirs from Seychelles

Souvenirs from the Republic of Seychelles are a varied lot, offering luxury items and traditional handicrafts. The coco-de-mer, or nut of the sea, is an intriguingly shaped nut from a tree native to this region, and make a unique present for lovers. Batik textiles are turned into coloraful sarongs and scraves, and you can purchase shell and pearl jewelry to wear with them upon your return home. If you are looking for items to decorate your home instead, crochet and needlework samplers, paintings and straw baskets are a charming Seychellois souvenir. A turtle shell ashtray, coral pieces, coconut sculptures... there are many options to be found in the markets. Bath and body products scented with tropical flowers, or teas spiced with vanilla will brighten up many days after your vacation. If you'd like to purchase a little slice of paradise to carry with you, a key chain, fridge magnet, or postcard will accent any space you find yourself.

The Seychelles: Under the Sea and In The Air

The Seychelles are home to vast amounts of marine life, including giant sea tortoises. These behemoth reptiles are found in the wild, and in captivity, raised in herds. Over a 1000 species of fish have been reported in the oceans and coral beds that surround the islands. There was a problem with coral bleaching in 1998, due to pollution and global warming, but has largely been reversed. There are many species of hard and soft corals, and 26 species of crabs, including the coconut crab. Once you have finished diving and snorkeling, spend some time on the beach collecting shells and viewing some of the largest colonies of seabirds found in the world. The fairy and sooty tern, noddies and white-tailed tropicbirds all make the Seychelles their home. You can also see many other species of birds, including the Aldabra Drongo, Seychelles Kestrel, the Paradise Flycatcher and the rare Seychelles Black Parrot.

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