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The Serbian National Assembly In Belgrade, Serbia Pictured On An Acrylic Fridge Magnet The grand Dom Narodne Skupstine (House of the National Assembly) was originally the home of the Parliament of Yugoslavia. Construction of the building was delayed by World War I and was not completed until 1936, ..
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Acrylic Fridge Magnet Depicting Danube River Danube River flows through lots of different countries including Serbia, Croatia, Hungary and Germany. The course of Danube River runs through around 10.2% of Serbia, 4.4% of Croatia, 11.6% of Hungary and 7% of Germany. As it runs across Serbia, it is con..
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Souvenirs from Serbia

Souvenirs from Serbia are reflective of the amazing cultural lineage found in this region, and of more modern fads and interests. Football, or soccer, is a very popular pastime, and fans can bring home jerseys, T-shirts, and flags bearing team mascots and logos. Stands selling postcards, key chains, magnets, water globes, clocks and other memorabilia featuring local landmarks, sayings and maps can provide easy mementos to purchase for friends and family. For those looking for more authentic Serbian souvenirs, beauty products made from traditional herbal remedies or handmade jewelry featuring lovely glass beads and metal accents is always a great choice. Ceramic statuettes, dishes and vases are quite lovely and practical, while carvings made from brushwood are perfect for display in the office. There is also a very strong tradition of pottery making, with many different types of pots, pitchers, and bowls available, as well as glassmaking, producing lovely goblets.

Serbian Souvenirs

Clothing can be a very personal souvenir from the Republic of Serbia, and will remind the wearer of their travels every time its worn. A sajkaca is a traditional woolen cap that was a part of the 18th military uniform. It proved to be very warm, and was adopted for everyday use. Today, it is still worn by older men in central Serbia. The peasant shoe, opanak, is made from leather and has a pointed horn above the toes. While this may be less useful in everyday life, a pair of these beautiful accessories could look quite interesting as a part of a display, or framed. Lacework is quite endemic to Serbia, and many examples of it can be found, primarily for sale as doilies, sweaters and hats. Pirot kilim is a distinctive type of rug weaving which results in the same pattern on either side, and takes many hours to complete.

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