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The Populous Extravaganza of Dakar City Located at the western tip of the African continent, Dakar city, the capital of Senegal is vibrant with life and people. It is also a major port city of Africa due to its presence near the Atlantic coast. According to December 31, 2005 official estimates, the ..
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Souvenirs from Senegal

Visitors to the Republic of Senegal are amazed by the variety of cultures, histories, and animals that make up the country's landscape. Senegalese souvenirs are a reflection of influences, with every piece capable of telling a story. A signature piece of memorabilia could be a custom outfit, hand-sewn by local tailors and made from hand-painted fabric created by local artists. You could also have this beautiful material made into drapes, tablecloths or sheet sets. Basketry is another popular craft, available in all different sizes and types for use in the home or office. Carved wooden statues and tribal masks are stunning in form and design, and are an ideal souvenir from Senegal for the discerning tourist. Precious metals are found in abundance in Africa and are turned into unique copper sculptures and delicate gold and silver filigree jewelry. Of course, one can always find a fun T-shirt, postcard, key chain or refrigerator magnet to share with a friend upon your return home.

The Geography of Senegal

Founded in 1958, the Republic of Senegal is a country full of different nationalities, religions and languages, as well as a variety of terrain and animals. Ten million people live within its borders of 196,723 kilometers. Sandy plains comprise most of the country, rising into lush hills to the southeast and volcanic rocks and plateaus on the Cape Verde peninsula. Three rivers course through Senegal: the S'n'gal, Casamance and Gambia, feeding smaller streams. The tropical climate has a hot dry season and a cooler wet season, when precipitation can vary from 12 inches to a record 40 inches. This seasonal deluge helps to keep Senegal's flora and fauna growing during the dry seasons, where temperatures routinely stay around 30 degrees Celsius. There are 6 game parks spread throughout Senegal. To the north, you will find Iles de la Madeleine, Djoudj, Langue de Barbarie; to the east, Kaba; and in the south, Casamance and Delta du Saloun.

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