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Saudi Arabia

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Riyadh - A Symbol of Splendor, Fertility and Prosperity With its lush gardens and water courses, Riyadh has been the oasis in the heart of the aridity of Saudi Arabia Kingdom. Located in Ar Riyadh Province, capital Riyadh is the nerve-centre of both the political and oil reserves of the Arabian Peni..
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The Acrylic Fridge Magnet of Mecca, Saudi Arabia This beautiful fridge magnet depicts the main landmark in Mecca, The Ka'ba. This religious monument is beautifully constructed, with gold embroidered verses bordering its top. This acrylic fridge magnet is a great way to remember the beautiful and ser..
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Souvenirs from Saudi Arabia

Souvenirs from Saudi Arabia are a charming reminder of a vacation spent in this kingdom of ancient history. The markets are full of colorful garments, gleaming trinkets, and sweet treats that were made to share. Baklawa, a sweet pastry made of sheets of dough, nuts and honey, are available in tins, or you can purchase wrapped packages of dried dates. Olive oil can be trickier to bring back in luggage, but you may find the quality and taste to be worth the effort. Spices can be a wonderful gift to an aspiring chef, as well. Prayer rugs, woven from wool and dyed in striking colors, could make a thoughtful wall hanging, or you may wish to purchase an oil lamp, much like the one from Aladdin's story, or an incense burners and chunks of frankincense and myrrh as exotic Saudi Arabian souvenirs. Postcards, T-shirts, magnets and key chains are fun memorabilia to share.

Food Facts about Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian food makes use of the animals that are profligate in the country, such as chicken and lamb, while adhering to Islamic food traditions. Many of these foods have been eaten for millennia, such as dates, wheat, rice, yogurt and fava beans, often using the same recipes that have been handed down through generations, making this a historical cuisine. Unleavened bread called khubz is a staple with almost every meal, and is used as utensil to scoop up food. Some popular dishes include shawarma, which is meat cooked on a spit; falafel, or fried chick pea patties; and kabsa, a rice dish that has chicken or lamb in it. Islamic dietary laws regulate what animals may be eaten, and how they must be killed, and these laws are enforced throughout Saudi Arabia. In order for meat to be considered halal, or pure, they must be slaughtered in a specific manner and blessed.

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