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Saskatchewan - Memorable Vistas await you Set on the western part of Canada, Saskatchewan is infused with over 100,000 bogs, outcroppings, bogs, rivers, and its name is derived from the Cree word "kisiskatchewanisipi, meaning "swift flowing river". Also known as the sunshine capital of Canada, the t..
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The Flag of Saskatchewan Now Available As A Flag Magnet An acrylic fridge magnet has many utilities like enhancing the beauty of your refrigerator, giving it a stylish touch and modifying the look of your fridge. But, now you can add a touch of extraordinary quality of royal heritage to your fridge ..
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Learn about the Province of Saskatchewan and its Coat of Arms Check out the shield of arms of Saskatchewan, Canada's sunniest province. That's right; Saskatchewan receives more hours of pure, unadulterated sunshine than any other Canadian province. Can you tell that those three gold column-like thin..
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Souvenirs from Saskatchewan

Visit Saskatchewan, heart of the Canadian Prairies! While the Prairies only make up a third of the province their golden expanse is indelibly associated with the geography, history, and culture of Saskatchewan. Here in Saskatchewan they grow a significant portion of Canada's grain, so much so that Saskatchewan is known as the "bread-basket" of Canada. The Prairies aren't all there is to visit, however: in the north of the province are spectacular and pristine expanses of forest and several large lakes full of world-renowned game fish. When you've had enough of the great outdoors, visit the bustling cities of Saskatoon and Regina to sample their excellent cuisine, peruse their arts, and take in all that Saskatchewanian culture has to offer! Wherever your travels in Saskatchewan might take you don't forget to commemorate your fun experiences with souvenir spoons, plates, T-shirts, and coffee mugs, emblazoned with an image of the iconic and ubiquitous wheat sheaf. Be sure, too, that you bring your camera - there will be a lot of great pictures to take!

Life on the Prairies

The Canadian Prairies are part of the Great Plains of North America, flat and dry grasslands that stretch all the way across the continent, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean. The Prairies are ideal for agriculture, and unsurprisingly many kinds of crops are grown in Saskatchewan. Come and see one of Saskatchewan's farms to get a taste of country life and remember your visit with home-made preserves and handcrafts depicting farm machinery like tractors - maybe you will get to drive a tractor yourself! Don't forget to bring your sunscreen--Saskatchewan has the most sunny days per year of any Canadian province. You don't want to get a farmer's tan while you're visiting the farm! The wide Prairies are also perfect for raising cattle, and Saskatchewan produces more beef than any other province in Canada save its neighbour Alberta. Dig into a juicy steak at a steakhouse in Regina and commemorate your meal with themed china and silverware, bringing a taste of Saskatchewan to your table at home.

Saskatchewan's Wilderness Paradise

Further north in Saskatchewan you will find endless miles of trackless wilderness. Visit one of the many spectacular provincial parks like the Lake Athabasca Sand Dunes, where you'll see the most northerly sand dunes in the world! Leave the car behind - it's so remote you can only get there by float plane. You won't want to leave your fishing pole at home, though, because Lake Athabasca is teeming with feisty game fish of all kinds! Catch a lunker of a lake trout and let it go back in the lake for the next angler--but not before you get a picture of you holding it to frame for your wall at home! Souvenir outdoor gear, art, and fridge magnets are a great way to remember the beauty of Saskatchewan's great outdoors.

Regina: A Royal City

Regina is a destination that must be on the itinerary of any visit to Saskatchewan. The provincial capital, Regina is Saskatchewan's second largest city, and as such is full of interesting things to see and do. Its name means "queen" in Latin and honours Britain's Queen Victoria, who was ruler when Regina was founded in 1882. Visit one of the city's many fine dining establishments and sample locally grown foods, and afterwards stroll through the Mackenzie Art Gallery to see works by local artists. Remember your fun trip to Saskatchewan's capital with souvenir T-shirts, mugs, and framed photographs of Regina's vibrant cityscapes.

Saskatchewan: Fun Facts!

  • Albert Street Bridge in Regina holds the record for being the world's largest bridge over the shortest body of water. A miniature of this landmark makes a great keepsake from Regina.
  • The mop was invented in Wolseley, Saskatchewan. You may break some hearts, though, if you bring friends at home mops as souvenirs!
  • Saskatchewan is the only province that has no natural boundaries - they are all man-made.
  • During the 1920s, Moose Jaw was known as "Little Chicago" because it was instrumental in bootlegging operations to the United States, where alcohol was illegal. You can still visit the underground tunnels the bootleggers built, and buy souvenirs that commemorate this dubious time in the province's history.

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