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San Marino

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Mountain Castle in San Marino shown on Acrylic Fridge Magnet A beautiful mountain castle is shown on this fine acrylic fridge magnet. The castle is built on Monte Titano; the latter is a mountain consisting of several hills and slopes in San Marino. Monte Titano is also called Mount Titan; it is an ..
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Souvenirs from San Marino

The Republic of San Marino is a tiny sovereignty in the middle of Italy. Historically called the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, you can imagine that the mementos reflect the splendor of this country. Stamps and coins are quite popular, for their beauty and attention to details. Medieval weapons, such as swords, chain mail, pikes and daggers, are quite popular souvenirs from San Marino, into addition to wrought iron decorative pieces. Looking for something more convenient to pack in your carry-on? Postcards and figural magnets of the castles and views will fit easily in your luggage, alongside key chains and T-Shirts. Handmade lace and embroidery pieces will add a charming touch to new clothing, while you may wish to explore the antique shops to find original pieces from medieval times. Jewelry is always an excellent option while travelling, and one shouldn't forget to pick up Sammarinese ceramic cups and table settings for use on your return home.

Independent San Marino

San Marino was formed around a church established by St. Marinus in 301 AD in central Italy. Used as a safe place for Christians escaping various persecutions, the community continued to grow in peace. It was formally recognized as an independent nation in 1631 by the Pope, and has kept that independence through intelligent negotiations. In 1797, when Napoleon was threatening the European continent with total conquest, an envoy named Antonio Onofri was dispatched to the emperor. Onofri charmed Napoleon into protecting San Marino's independence and even offering to expand the nation's borders. This kind offer was rejected, because San Marino preferred to not engage in any actions that might impact their freedom later on. During Italian Unification in the 1800's, many political refugees came to the country, seeking asylum from anti-unification forces. In gratitude for their support, the newly unified Italy did not force San Marino to be a part of the regime. Today, San Marino remains a proud and sovereign state.

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