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Souvenirs from Samoa

The Independent State of Samoa offers a plethora of traditional handicrafts for visitors to purchase, as well as mass-produced memorabilia, such as postcards, T-shirts, key chains, and refrigerator magnets. Very exquisite Samoan souvenirs can be found in the local markets, such as beautiful jewelry sets made from slices of oyster and abalone shell called mother of pearl or hand carved from bone and turtle shell, kava wood bowls and trays, and the beautiful tapa cloth, made from tree bark and dyed into tribal motifs. A lovely sarong, worn as a dress, skirt or pants, can translate into a bed covering or window treatment upon your return from vacation, of you may wish to stock up on exotic spices, like vanilla and cinnamon, to fill your pantry. Other suggested souvenirs from Samoa include sea shells, embroidered cloth, coconut earrings, hibiscus tea, baskets, and small carved wood items, including festive Christmas ornaments.

Attractions on Samoa

There are many different activities that encourage visitors to Samoa, taking advantage of the natural wonders and beauty found on the island. Perhaps the most regarded vistas are found in Aleipata, where charming traditional tribal villages offset sandy white beaches and tumbling waterfalls. Nearby rainforests are full of exotic animals and plants, some of which are considered endangered. Hiking trails go through the forests to mountains and coastal stretches, allowing you to take in the sights at your own pace, including the lava fields and caves created by past eruptions. Once you've enjoyed the land, take to the sea, enjoying freshwater swimming in several lakes, or dive into the blue waters of the ocean. The Palolo Deep Marine Reserve features many unique plants, fish and underwater structures to explore, or you can view coral reefs near the shore. These same reefs create large waves for experienced surfers to enjoy at their leisure.

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