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Saint Lucia

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Souvenirs from Saint Lucia

The warm paradise of Saint Lucia beckons many visitors every year, who come to enjoy the gentle breezes and warm waters. Saint Lucian souvenirs are sophisticated and quality takes on the traditional Caribbean crafts and designs, making them something that will be enjoyed for years. Intricately carved wooden images of animals, boats, landscapes and flowers are perfect accents for a study, or you may wish to purchase a locally woven hammock to enhance your patio. Screen printing not only results in tourist T-shirts, but beautifully printed cloth used to create dresses and wall hangings. Jewelry created from shells provides the perfect counterpart to these garments, and bright wooden beads bring a splash of fun to any outfit. A woven bag can be ideal for island use, and as a means to transport all the postcards, bottle openers, key chains, bumper stickers, magnets, and water globes you will purchase as souvenirs from Saint Lucia.

Sailing in Saint Lucia

As befits a Caribbean island, Saint Lucia actively draws sailing and water sports enthusiasts from around the world to appreciate the variety of seas available to traverse. If you have never tried sailing before, the gentle seas of the western side of the island are ideal for beginners, with calm waves and good breezes. The more experienced may enjoy the challenge of the more active eastern side, where Atlantic currents generate larger swells. Yachting is another fun sea activity, whether you are the one sailing or enjoying the sun and scenery. From the waters, you can truly take in the landscapes that envelope you on the beach. You can also explore more of the hidden coves and bays that were the haven of pirates. Who knows? You may even stumble upon the secret treasure of the infamous Jambe de Bois. Regardless if you find gold, you will always remember the days and nights spent here.

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