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Saint Helena

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Souvenirs from Saint Helena

Vacationers to the British Territory of Saint Helena are awestruck by the beauty of the landscape and charming locals. The travel experience is never complete without purchasing memorabilia from your destination, and Saint Helenian souvenirs, such as magnets, postcards, key chains and handicrafts, will bring a smile to your face. Commemorative stamps, featuring worldwide celebrities, historical events and popular political figures, are much sought after by collectors around the world, and can be framed for wall display. Handmade lace is a beautiful souvenir from Saint Helena, and adds a charming touch to clothing, pillows and tablecloths. Antiques, like books, sailing paraphernalia, and glass, are certainly distinctive for decor. Embroidered items, such as pillows and samplers, beaded jewelry, and locally dyed cloth, all available from street marketers, can provide just the right touch of class to any occasion. Of course, no matter what memento you choose, it will be treasured for years to come.

Geography of Saint Helena

St. Helena is a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean and, alongside Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, is a part of the British overseas territories. 4200 residents live on 122 km of the exposed volcano which, underneath the ocean, is 20 times larger than Mt. Etna. The tallest point of the island is Diana's Peak, 823 meters above sea level, with steep valleys cutting across the land. Coastlines with high cliffs make for spectacular views and photographs, but are unfriendly to boats looking for a place to land. The terrain lends itself to flax growing, and you will see acres of the crop throughout the island. You can enjoy strolls through the beautiful and sometimes harsh landscapes at an easy pace, and soak in the views. Driving is not encouraged on the island, due to the steep hills and high cost of petrol, but there are some fantastic drives for those willing to take the chance.

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