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Souvenirs from Rwanda

The Republic of Rwanda offers adventures to travelers and Rwandan souvenirs are an important way to continue those emotions in your everyday life. Decorating your walls with tribal artwork such as woven wall hangings, masks and weapons will bring an air of distinctiveness to an office, and musical instruments, including large drums, are perfect for the classroom. T-shirts, postcards, refrigerator magnets, key chains and bumper stickers featuring gorillas are all small souvenirs from Rwanda that will bring great joy to those you give them to. Baskets with pointed lids are great for storing things in, and household pottery pieces, like bowls, vases and trays, are easy to pack in your luggage. Rutongo embroidery is featured on many different textiles, ranging from clothing, tablecloths, sheet sets and handkerchiefs. Small wooden replicas of tribal weapons and shields are also available, and make great presents for children. You also may wish to purchase an isigoro game for display.

Hiking in Rwanda

Rwanda is famous for its wildlife and preservation, and has made recent strides to attract tourists, adventure seekers and naturalists. As it shares a border of volcanic mountains with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, many people are concerned about personal safety when visiting the country. The remoteness of many of its attractions can also be off-putting to those who are not used to hiking many hours to reach a location. However, for those willing to endure a little discomfort, wet conditions and high altitude, the rewards are great. Hidden within the slippery trails that traverse the mountains and rainforests are glimpses into the numerous creatures that call it home, such as buffalo, golden monkeys and hundreds of species of birds. Those who are truly lucky will see an endangered silverback gorilla enjoying a lunch of plants, grooming each other or taking care of its young, making every aching muscle worthwhile.

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