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Bucharest: Europe Best Kept Secret One thing that Bucharest is definitely not, is typical. There are many reasons for this, but they all have root in history. This is why many history enthusiasts find this place absolutely charming, and with more stories than it knows what to do with. Many of these ..
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Souvenirs from Romania

Visitors to Eastern Europe are quite often enthralled with the traditional handiwork, and souvenirs from Romania reflect the many centuries of history that unfolded in this region. Embroidery, showcased on clothing, pillows and leather bags, is a beautiful reminder of your vacation that can be admired often. For those searching for a meaningful religious gift, a hand painted icon of a favorite saint placed in a carved wooden frame will be treasured by the recipient, and can be passed down as a family heirloom. Woven carpets, in small and large sizes, are very practical, but will most likely need to be shipped home, along with blown glass products. Delicately painted eggs are first prepared by blowing out the yolk through 2 small holes, then colored with abstract designs, natural scenes or even portraits. Other charming Romanian souvenirs also include dolls and masks used in festivals, along with postcards, key chains, magnets and T-shirts.

Things to Do in Romania: Dracula, Sports and Castles

Romania is fast becoming a popular tourist destination, with fantastic natural attractions and historical sites that appeal to a large audience. The Transylvania region calls out to many fans of horror movies, as it is the fictional homeland of Dracula. You can enjoy tours of creepy castles and lectures on the tyrant, Vlad the Impaler, whose distasteful actions inspired Bram Stoker to write his vampire masterpiece. You can also pick up a slew of souvenirs bearing the image of Dracula and other minions of darkness. If you would prefer something less bone-chilling, enjoy the great outdoors at one of the many mountain resorts, where you can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, skiing and sledding, depending on the season. Castle tours that focus on the true political and cultural histories of the Romanian people can be great fun, as you live the life of a noble through historical recreations and walk through artifact displays.

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